Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Austin Restaurant Week 2010

Well its that time of year again. Austin Restaurant Week is fixing to kick off again from Feb 28-Mar 3 and again from Mar 7 to Mar 10. If you've never done Austin Restaurant Week, here's how it works. You find a restaurant with a menu you absolutely must try. You call the restaurant and make a reservation and tell them you'll be participating in Restaurant Week. You show up and eat that scrumptious meal and sleep well knowing a portion of your bill will be donated to the Austin Sustainable Foods Center.

Are you excited yet? What if I told you the menu at each restaurant has to have at least 3 courses AND it has to be less than $35? Yeah, you'd be jumping up and down just like I am now.

It's the perfect time to eat a ton of food then walk (and dance) off all that weight you gained at SXSW! This year's crop of restaurants look similar to last year, but the menu's are looking downright delectable!

Austin Restaurant Week

III Forks $35 (Dinner) - Coffee Curred Duck with Balsamic Demi-Glaze with Duck Crisped Potatoes and Broccolini (Menu)

Judges Hill $25 (Dinner) - Coffee Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with a Butternut Squash Cake, Sauteed Spinach and Red Eye Gravy (Menu)

Roaring Fork $35 (Dinner) - Parmesan Crusted Swordfish with Laughing Bird Shrimp Scampi, Capers, and Spinach and for dessert a Pineapple Cornmeal Upside Down Cake (Menu)

Lamberts $25-$35 (Dinner) - Country Style Pork Ribs, Citrus Brined, with a Fennel & Coriander Rub, Maple Glaze, Apple & Roasted Fennel Slaw (Menu)

Carillon $35 (Dinner) - Appetizer of Duck Confit Ravioli with Celery, Sunflower Sprouts and Consume a entree of Braised Beed Short Ribs with Apricot Glaze, Asparagus, Celery Root Puree, and Black Pepper Gastrique (If you haven't heard me wax poetic on these short ribs, you have to read the review) and a dessert of Cherry Vanilla Bread Pudding with Goat Milk Vanilla Bean Gelato (Menu) (Dining in Austin Review) - Ok I'm sold

Trio $35 (Dinner) - Appetizer of Shrimp Cake with Avocado, Garbanzo and Pea Shoots, an entree of Chili Roasted Gulf Snapper with Asparagus Fricassee, Black Garlic Rice, and Citrus Saba and for dessert, Chevre Cheesecake with Port Cherries, Pecan Crust, and Candied Thyme (Menu) (Dining in Austin Review) - Sold again!

Sienna $35 (Dinner) - You actually get 4 courses on this meal. Notables are the Primi Piatti of Pasta with Crimini mushrooms, shallots, white truffle oil, Grana Padano, black summer truffles and cream (Menu)

Aquarelle $35 (Dinner) - An appetizer of Countryside Farms Rabbit Ravioli with Walnut Sauce, an entree of Loin of Venison with Celery Root Puree and Fig Juniper Demiglaze, and a dessert of a Coffee Poached Pear with Caramel Cake and Chocolate Ganache (Menu)

Parkside $35 (Dinner) - An appetizer of Countryside Farms Rabbit Terrine with Farm Radish, Tinkerbell Carrots, Whole Grain Mustard, and Gerden Herbs, and a dessert of Cinnamon and Sugar Yeast Donuts with Brandy Marscapone and Maple Ice Cream (Menu)

Jeffrey's $35 (Dinner) - An appetizer of Crispy Short Ribs Sous Vide Style with Pommes Dauphine, Persillade and Horseradish Cream. I would have mentioned the entree which was a grilled Quail, but is served with an Anchovy Gremolata, um WTF, the Jeffrey's effect strikes again. (Menu) (Dining in Austin Review)

Driskill Grill $35 (Dinner) - An appetizer of Sous Vide Organic Egg, Frisee Salad, House Pancetta, Shaved Fennel, Pecorino and a Grapefruit Vinaigrette an Entree of Honey Balsamic Grilled Bandera Quail with Sherry-Garlic Butter, Black Quinoa, and Watermelon Radish Salad, and a dessert of Ricotta-Sage Brulee with a Toasted Walnut Crust (Menu)

Our vegetarian readers might want to give a look at:

Fino $35 (Dinner) - A Salad of Oranges, Pistachios, Medjool Dates with Watercress and Orange Blossom Water Vinaigrette, an entree of Sea Bass with Asparagus & Meyer Lemon Risotto & Crispy Serrano Ham - vegetarian version available too(Menu) (Dining In Austin Review)

Jaspers $35 (Dinner) - One of three salads to pick for your appetizer, an entree of Pasta Primavera with Asparagus, Squash, Baby Arugala, and a Smoked Tomato Alfredo. Your non veggie friends can have an entree of Texas Peach BBQed Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon Creamed Sweet Corn but for dessert, how about a Butterfinger Creme Brulee or a Cherry Limeade Pie (Menu)

Samnios $25 (Dinner) - An appetizer of Cauliflower Soup with Tahini and African Spices an Entree of Three Flavors of Vegan Quinoa Cakes with Roasted Veggies and a Raw Vegan Cheesecake for dessert (Menu)

And always the best Restaurant Week Deals:

Green Pastures $25 (Dinner) - Appetizer of Tempura Lobster Tail with Wasabi mashed potatoes with Coconut Ginger Butter, Guajillo, Coriander and Crispy Basil, an entree of Clove and Long Pepper Gnocchi with Exotic Mushrooms, Roasted Chayote, Carrots, Parsnips, Asparagus, Pumpkin Seed Pesto, Navajo Bread, and Shiraz-Cumino Jus (Menu)

Fabi + Rossi $25 (Dinner) - Appetizer of Champagne Veloute an entree of Pink Peppercorn Crusted Tenderloin with Oak Hill Farms Spinach Saute and Pommes Dauphine (Menu)