Wednesday, December 16, 2009


9515 N Lamar Blvd
#156Austin, TX 78753
(512) 997-7923

The first time I met my now good friend Hannibal, he mentioned this restaurant in North Austin called "Vegi Food." All of a sudden our friend Supna burst out laughing. "You mean SWAD!" Apparently the sign on the strip mall establishment in North Austin has a confusing design.

I've been disappointed by Austin Indian restaurants in the past, but Swad is the real deal for vegetarian South Indian cuisine. My favorite dishes are the thali and the chhole bhature - chickpeas in a spicy sauce served with fried puffy wheat flour bread. The spices are terrific and you'll leave stuffed for $8 - $15. I always order way too much food. The atmosphere at Swad is a little sparse (order at the counter, no frills decor, pour your own water jugs on the table next to the cash register). I try to think of that as part of the charm.

I went to Swad once with a friend who has worked in the restaurant industry. He noted that there was no soap in the bathroom and pointed out that this means the staff probably doesn't wash their hands. I suggested that they may use a sink in the kitchen to practice proper hygeine. He just gave me that "Oh you are so gullible" look as I tucked into my food anyway. Ignorance is bliss or do you think I'm safe?

Chhole Bhature

Thali Plate

Bottom Line: Authentic South Indian Vegetarian Food in North Austin.

Laura ~ 8