Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Aviary

2110 S. Lamar
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 916-4445

So I have recently discovered what has quickly become my favorite wine bar in town. It's in a rather unassuming strip mall on South Lamar, but when you go inside, you quickly realize its more than just a strip mall wine bar, it's a furniture store too!

Is it a bar? Is it a furniture store? It's both! The home decor is so fresh and modern, it really adds to the atmosphere of the wine bar. And really, what a great way to add a revenue stream to a business that would normally close its doors at 7pm. More stores and restaurants should pair up like this!

There is all sorts of fun, interesting art. And wine. Did I mention the wine?

They also offer a Charcuterie and Cheese Menu from A Noble Beast which is some of the best charcuterie in town. I'm sure most of you have heard the word charcuterie (shar-COO-ta-ree) by now, but if you haven't, its just a fancy French word for prepared meat. Things like sausages, salamis, prosciuttos, pates, bacons, terrines and roulades fall under the umbrella of charcuterie. But I swear, if there was one food trend of 2009 that wasn't cupcakes or bacon, it was charcuterie. It's everywhere now!

The Aviary generally have 6-8 meats or cheese to choose from. We let the server pick 5 of his favorites for us. We ended up with 2 meats and 3 cheese, all delicious.

The meats and cheeses are always served on a fun and interesting plate. Because they only do wine and charcuterie, they really pay attention to the details. Our bill was delivered to us in the library card pocket of an old book. How cute is that?

The wine selection is also delicious. Their selection isn't the longest list in town, but what they do have is quality and reasonably priced. You can buy a glass, a bottle, or do a wine flight. What's nice about their wine flights, are that you create them. $10s buys you 3 samples of any 3 wines on their menu. Your choice. Really!

We chose a bottle of 1150 Malbec. I first had it at a wine dinner at the Apothecary and really enjoyed it. Its a nice mellow Malbec from a newer vineyard in Argentina. Yum!

Just a hint, go there on Wednesday for 1/2 priced bottle of wine and a DJ.

~Mariah: 9