Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years Eve 2011

If you're anything like me, you're probably a last minute Holiday planner. So as New Years is fast approaching, I thought I'd review with you some of the delectable dining options for New Years Eve. I mean, you really should have one more night of Holiday excess before you attempt to fulfill your New Years Resolutions to eat better and go to the gym.

Special NYE Menus:
Mulberry - $50 pp + $20 Option Wine Pairing - Three Course Pre-fix NYE Menu with champagne specials and a complimentary midnight toast. They're even going to cram a funky vinyl DJ in that small place!

Carillon - $65pp (5 Course), $75 (7 Course), $90 (9 Courses) + $32-46 Optional Wine Pairing - Kumomoto Oysters with Ostera Caviar, Butter Lettuce Cream and a Saltine Tuille for an appetizer, Butter Poached Lobster with a Lobster Deviled Egg for the 2nd Appetizer, Pork Steamed Bun with Pickled Pear and Pineapple Mint for the 1st Entree, a Beef Tenderloin and a Raviolo of Braised Short Rib with Parsley Gremolata for the 2nd Entree, and a Chocolate Walnut Tart with a Corn Ice Cream! OMG, Food orgy! And that's just the cheaper 5 courses, click and see whats in the 9 course menu!
Carillon NYE Menu

Parkside - $60pp with optional Wine Pairing - Want the best of both worlds? Want a delicious 4 course dinner, then to party till down on 6th for your NYE? Why not try Parkside. They're offering a 4 course dinner with such delicious offerings as a Raw Fluke, truffle and meyer lemon appetizer, a Onion Tart with Animal Farm Greens for an 2nd appetizer, Apple Miso Ravioli with brown butter for an entree and a "Smore" with graham cracker ice cream, chocolate ganache with a side of fluff. How can you say no to that?
Parkside NYE Menu

Bess Bistro - Various - Bess is offering reservations for a special NYE prix fixe dinner and at 10, they're clearing the place out, and offering a 1920's themed NYE party with a champagne toast at midnight
Bess NYE Party

Trio - $95pp - Want a truly decadent NYE option? Try the Trio prix fixe menu. Champagne and caviar, duck confit, poached lobster, and a Delice of Strawberry (whatever that it, but it sounds fancy). Can you get any more old school New Years than that? There is also apparently going to be a party in the 4 Seasons Lobby (which sounds a little less awesome, but after that meal, are you really going to want to party that much?)
Trio NYE Menu

Max's Wine Dive - Various - Max's is serving a special NYE menu so you can stuff your face then go to 6th and party up. My favorite menu option the "Why the Hell Not" with their delicious fried chicken, gator beignets, and crispy catfish.
Max's NYE Menu

Asti - $65 (3 Course) $85 (4 Courses) - Want to stay completely away from downtown and still get a great meal? Why not go Italian? An appetizer of Lobster zuppa, Main Lobster Risotto, and Spice Glazed Duck Breast with Fig & Pear Mostarda for an entree. Sounds delicious
Asti NYE Menu

Urban - $99pp - Want another option that keys you way the hell our of downtown? Try Urban Grill up at the Domain. I haven't eaten there yet, but I've heard nothing but praise from the other bloggers who have gone. They don't have a menu posted but they do say it will include "Roasted Lobster Bisque, Rosemary Crusted Lamb Loin, Maple Glazed Scallops, Lobster and Smoked Grits and Seared Breast of Duck", a champagne toast and a live band.
Urban NYE Menu

Aviary - $25pp - Want something cheap, low-key, but probably still pretty awesome? Try the sushi dinner and champagne toast at my favorite wine bar Aviary. And I just have to say, the sushi chef's name is Chill Pillsbury. How can that NOT be awesome??
Aviary NYE Party

NYE Parties with the Possibility of Good Food:

Parkside - $100pp - Apparently Parkside is also offering a party option if you don't want a 4 course dinner. They're also offering finger food and sweets with an open bar and DJ Thunderball. I've had their finger food, it's pretty delicious.
Parkside NYE Party

Lamberts - $100 pp - Gets you an open bar, late night breakfast tacos, a champagne toast and DJ Chicken George. Kind of spendy, but I'm sure there are some of you out there who can drink enough to justify that price tag.
Lamberts NYE Party

Belmont - $75 (in advance) - A slightly cheaper open bar option for all you alcoholics, you also get late night snacks, party favors, a champagne toast and a GIANT balloon drop (their emphasis, not mine, but I thought it was worth noting)
Belmont NYE Party

Annie's West - ??pp - I'm not a huge fan of Annie's West. It's kind of like a 30-something meat market. BUT for NYE this year, they're offering up food by Aquarelle, a Champagne bar (and a shot block for all you really classy drinkers).
Annie's West NYE Party

La Sombra - $95pp - La Sombra and Tribeza magazine are pairing up for the NYE bash. They'll be South American style food, El Jimador tequila drinks and live Latin music. I went to a drinks and food included party at La Sombra and I gotta tell you, it was pretty spectacular. Those guys know how to entertain a crowd. Don't look this one over because its not downtown.
La Sombra NYE Party

Stubb's Inside - $35pp - While I'm not a huge fan of Stubb's BBQ, $35 is a great price to enjoy a BBQ buffet, a champagne toast and one of my favorite bands, T-Bird and the Breaks!
Stubb's NYE Party