Thursday, September 16, 2010

Z'Tejas Clos la Chance Wine Dinner Photo Tour

 I recently went to a delightful wine dinner at Z'Tejas with Teddy of Fun With Your Food. The fine folks at Z'Tejas were hosting a wine dinner spotlighting the California Winery Clos le Chance. Though neither the food nor the wine were outstanding, we still have a great time with our table mates. In the end, I grew a finer appreciation for Z'Tejas's cuisine. Sometimes they have a winning dish, sometimes not so much. But the things they excel at, Southwest, spicy, pepper infused dishes, they really knock out of the park. None of the food featured here is on their regular menu, but it was all tasty and paired decently with the wine. They do them on a regular basis, and I'd recommend it for a fun date night thats a little out of the ordinary.


Spicy smokey shrimp gazpacho with a tomato cruda served with an herb-crusted crouton tuile with sauvignon blanc

Fried green tomato topped with lump crab meat drizzled with pineapple and mango infused oil with chardonnay

Chili crusted beef tenderloin topped with cherry glaze with smoked cheddar grits and haricot verts with caramelized pearl onions with merot

Crispy duck breast with guajillo peach sauce served with sweet potato mashers and grilled summer veggies with zinfandel

Chocolate truffle with Amy's coffee ice cream topped with raspberry coulis with cabernet