Friday, March 12, 2010

SXSW Parties with Food

The craziness that is SXSW is upon us. If you're like us, you're going through a the flurry of RSVPing and schedule planning. We thought we'd float you a list of the most awesome free (or cheap) parties with the best food. Just to make extra special sure you've RSVPed for them.

Pure Volume House - Not that the free Taco Bell and booze is anything to write home about. BUT they do have a pretty decent line up of musicians all week. So you might as well have a crappy taco and a free drink. (RSVP)
**Sat 13th MC Frontalot
**Sun 14th The Wandas @ 9p
**Tue 16th Jakob Dylon @11, Eisley @ 1230
**Wed 17th Choir of Young Believers @ 5p, Meiko @ 6p
**Fri 19th Henry Clay People @6p
**Sat 20th Love Language @ 2:40, April Smith & the Great Picture Show @ 3:30, Jason Poe @ 4:14, Rocky Volatato @ 6p

Lamebook Launch Party - We all love Lamebook. Its one of my guilty pleasures. People really say the stupidest shit on Facebook (myself included). I'm glad they've made it so big they're offering up a party with free BBQ and Lone Star. Plus the line up is pretty good with Corto Maltese! (RSVP)
** Sat 13th 6p Shangri-La

Taco Journalism Breakfast Taco Meetup - One of our favorite Austin food blogger groups, the Taco Journalists, are hosting a breakfast taco meet up so those crazy out of towners will know that a real breakfast taco is. Remember people, most Northerners have never had a breakfast taco that wasn't from McDonalds. (RSVP)
**Sun 14th 9am West Tent (Brush Square Park)

Cupcake Social at SXSW - So a bunch of bakey type companies and people are getting together to host an awesome cupcake social. Its west of downtown a little so you might have to expend some effort to go there. But hey, you get a free cupcake. You'll need the walk to burn off the calories anyway. (RSVP)
**Sun 14th 4pm Tiniest Bar in Texas

Javescript Happy Hour - This free event is sponsored by a bunch of techie nerds, so you'll have to sit through whatever presentation they feel fit to bore you with. BUT, they're going to have free non-domestic beer AND Man Bites Dog wieners AND free video games. Sounds like a fair trade. (Website)
**Mon 15th 4pm Kung Fu Saloon

Plutopia - Our friends at Edible Austin and The Typsy Texan (only the best mixologist in Austin) are bringing us what might be one of the most interesting food events of SXSW. A multimedia techie art show, a DJ, talks by famous writers. Plus, (and this if straight from the invite and though I doubt it will be free its still cool) "Guest s will enjoy artisanal cocktails and food and drink samples from handcrafters such as Tito’s and Dripping Springs Vodka, Treaty Oaks Rum, Pepe’s Z and Republic Tequila, Independence and St. Arnold Breweries, Zhi Tea, Rio’s Brazilian, Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop, Aurelia’s Chorizo, Buddha’s Brew Kombucha and more! Also on hand will be food carts from addictive local eateries Eastside Pies, Kerbey Lane CafĂ©, Thai Fresh, and Torchy’s Tacos." Holy crap this is going to be awesome. (RSVP)
**Mon 15th 7p Mexican American Cultural Center, 600 River Street

Milwaukee Beer and Brat Bash - I grew up in Northern Chicagoland, so close to Wisconsin that we used to drive over the border for pizza when I was in HS. Pizza and brats (but not at the same time obvi). I swear the brats in Milwaukee taste better than any of the crap brats I've had around here. So when I see an event offering REAL Milwaukee brats, I say sign me up. Nothing like a heaping plate of nostalgia.. and sausage. (RSVP)
**Tue 16th 12:30pm Cedar Door

Daily Juice Boat Party - So I've only heard some vague whisperings of this, but supposedly, Daily Juice has chartered a double decker boat to tootle around Lake Austin in. The first 200 people on the boat get to enjoy 5 bands I've never heard, (what I think will be) free Daily Juice, Southern Star Beer and Hey Cupcake. Can this party be any cooler? I didn't think so. (Website)
**Tue 16th 5:30pm 3700 Lake Austin Blvd

San Diego Hoe-Down - So this party features a bunch of California bands I've never heard of. BUT, they will have free Wahoo's and Stone beer. That's a pretty damn good reason to go if you ask me! (RSVP)
**Wed 17th 3p Lustre Pearl

Bandize - I have no idea what this party is about or why its happening other than its at Max's Wine Dive and they'll be free food and drinks. I've had free apps there before and if you're in the area, stop by for a snack. (RSVP)
**Wed 17th 5:30p Max's Wine Dive

Filter's Showdown at Cedar Street - The Filter party is advertising free BBQ Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I have no clue what kind of BBQ. However, there is quite an impressive line up of artists. So if you happen to be there for a show, check out the free BBQ. (RSVP)
** Thur 18th Cedar Street * Miike Snow @ 5:15
** Fri 19th Cedar Street * Delta Spirit @ 1:50p, Dr Dog @ 515p
** Sat 20th Cedar Street * Athlete 240p

Soundcheck Magazine's 4th Birthday Party - So like the Filter party before it, this show is more about the music (go see The Giver's if you get a chance, they're great live). But unlike the anonymous, non-descript BBQ offered at the Filter Showdown, the Soundcheck party will be offering free El Arroyo tacos. Mm. Thats some decent fuel to keep you going. (RSVP)
** Thur 18th Emo's Annex (big tent at 6th and Red River)

Eastbound and Found - The invite says they're going to have bars and food onsite, but I don't know if its free. And frankly who cares, because White Denim is playing at 6. (RSVP)
** Thur 18th 1001 E 6th

Greystar Party - I love when apartments try to get in on the party action. Deep pockets have nice parties. Like this one with free Parkside food and drinks. Oh yeah. (RSVP)
** Fri 19th 3p Parkside

Make Waves Not War - Some record label is offering up free sushi at Kenichi. That's about all I know. (Email to RSVP:
** Fri 19th 3:30pm Kenichi

Rachael Ray's Feedback Party - Even though I think it's going to be a COMPLETE zoo, I still feel I should tell you about this party. There is going to be free food and drinks (though what I don't know, though I assume it will involve Mr and Mrs T's). But She & Him, Jakob Dylan, School of Seven Bells, and the Freelance Whales will be playing so it might be worth braving the crowds . (RSVP)
** Sat 20th 10:30 Stubb's

East Meets Fest - Where can you enjoy delicious Japanese street food AND listen to a few great bands? Why at Uchi, of course! (Website)
** Sat 20th 11am Uchi

Spune Day Party - If you're on the west side of downtown on Saturday then the place to be is at the free Spune party. A bunch of local musicians and free Waialua soda, Tito's Vodka, Cuprimo's Cupcakes, and Cafe Medici coffee. I think I'll be stopping by on my way downtown!(RSVP)
** Sat 20th 11:30am J Black's

Go forth and party.

~ Mariah