Tuesday, February 24, 2009


1905 S. 1st St Suite A
Austin, TX 78704

Sugar Mama's on South 1st is giving out free cupcakes to the first 183 people to arrive today.

What about the rest of us who can't make our way down to south Austin for a treat quite this early in the day? Well don't worry, they are having half priced baked goods until 8 pm.

This price translates to $1.12 for a dessert bar and 62 cents for a cookie. Notice that they rounded down. They tell us that they are letting you keep that haypenny because they love you and we don't live in the 1800's.

Aw shucks.

Why would they do this? Well because it's their half birthday - which translates to being open for 183 days.

Mariah and I like free stuff but can't make it down there, so do us a favor and have one in our honor? And if you do make it there, please let us know which one you tried and how it was.

mmmmmm.... cupcakes.