Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Galaxy Cupcakes

1501 Park Lane #105
Georgetown, Texas 78628

Hi. My name is Lee....and... I'm addicted to cupcakes. There. I said it. Seeing Laura's post about SugarMama's really opened my eyes. Rather that nonchalantly realize that I'm all the way up in Round Rock and I wouldn't be able to fight rush hour traffic to make it to to SugarMama's in time for the free cupcakes, I began to plot. Which coworkers live in South Austin? Which South Austin coworkers owe me a favor? Which South Austin coworker could I bribe into stopping there in exchange for a future favor? That's when it really hit me. I'm addicted. It might be a mild addiction, but still an addiction nonetheless.

It all started innocently enough. About three weeks ago, I was at work and got a little hungry. It was after lunch and I still had a ways to go before the end of the day. I needed a snack, and the office kitchen was out of good stuff. So, perhaps something could be delivered. Tiff's Treats? Nah. They're good...they're awesome, in fact...but I wasn't feeling "cookie" right then. So, I got hit with the inspiration for cupcakes. I Googled. Oh, I Googled my heart out and for quite a while and was pretty disappointed. I found a few cupcake delivery services, but none to my area (I mean come on, I live in Round Rock, who REALLY wants to go there, no one)...until I hit on the link for Galaxy Cupcakes. Ooooh. Gourmet Georgetown? I was intrigued. The plotting began. Yes, they delivered, but required a day's notice.

I left the office early that day, picked up Austin, my son, and bravely fought the traffic - I was going to get my cupcakes. Well, Galaxy wasn't the easiest place to find. It's kind of tucked away in an old and small strip center in North Georgetown, but Austin and I had made it. The shop is quaint, with only a modest selection of cupcakes on display. I chose the Chai Tea Latte cupcake and Austin immediately insisted on the Strawberry. They were excellent!

While Austin and I sat there eating, I got a chance to talk to the owner. She was such a sweetheart. She explained that she chose the out of the way location because of rental costs. To go downtown, she'd have to charge $6 for a cupcake, and that wasn't happening. She also enlightened me to all of the various cupcake places around town. (Austin and I ordered 2 more cupcakes...Bailey's and Cream for me; White Chocolate Cherry for Austin). Through the discussion with the owner, I realized that she really put alot of thought into the business...researched her competition before she got started. I liked her take on what she wanted Galaxy to be...a place with unique cakes that will stick out in the mind of a foodie. I can't say that I disagreed with her. Before Austin and I left, I ordered a chocolate one for Austin and tried the red velvet cupcake for myself.

Here's how Galaxy Cupcakes works. Every day, they offer 5 standard flavors. These are for the most part your typical garden variety cupcakes, albeit done very well. Then, each day they are opened (Tuesday through Saturday), they offer 2 specialty cupcakes such as the Chai Tea Latte on Thursdays or the Jack and Coke cupcake on Saturday. They also offer up a specialty cupcake of the month, which for February was the White Chocolate Cherry.

Again, they are tucked up pretty well in Georgetown, but they do deliver. I think the owner told me that delivery to the Round Rock area is $5 with a minimum order of a dozen. Only $5, for hand delivered cupcakes? I'll be utilizing this service in the future. But to be honest, I like making the drive up there. I've even calculated precisely the logistics of getting cupcakes during my lunch hour(..what.. I AM an addict remember).

Now, for Laura and my fellow Round Rock foodies and cupcake aficionados, here is what I've managed to come up with. From 35 and Louis Henna (near Dell), it takes about 10 or 11 minutes to get to Georgetown. Double that for a round trip. You still have 40ish minutes left on your lunch hour. Near Galaxy cupcakes, there is a Whataburger, Mickey D's, slightly below average BBQ place, and an above average Greek food place. Now, it didn't occur to me to check out the vegetarian menu at the Greek place, Laura, but I'd imagine they have something that fits your tastes. Anyhow, if you can keep lunch to 30 minutes or so, that leaves 10 minutes for a stop at Galaxy, and tasty cupcakes can be enjoyed in the office during the afternoon. I have verified this outing as completely viable during a lunch hour...three three weeks.

Barring a 12 step program for cupcake addiction, I have and will certainly be back to Galaxy numerous times as I continue to sample and re-sample cupcakes around town.

Lee - 8.5 (9.5 if you take location out of the equation)
Austin - 150000 million