Thursday, September 25, 2008

Go Texas Restaurant Roundup - Oct 1st

This is a public service announcement from your friendly local Blogger. Mariah and Laura are now officially back from their respective vacations and will resume reviewing once the jet lag has worn off (or the Ike evacuees have returned home in Laura's case). I'm already mulling over a review for a local Austin favorite that I think might be quite controversial.

But before I post that, I wanted to let you guys in on an event that benefits both charity and your stomach. How can you lose??

On October 1st, several Austin Restaurants will be participating in the Go Texas Restaurant Roundup. Apparently this is an event sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture to encourage the use of local (i.e. Texas) ingredients. The participating restaurants will prepare special menus featuring local Texas produce and either a portion (or in one case all) of the proceeds will be donated to local food banks.

Go Texas Restaurant Roundup Participants

The TRIO at the Four Seasons (which I have not had the pleasure of visiting) will be donating all of the proceeds for a special fixed price Texas meal to local food banks. Make sure you check it out and make your soul and stomach happy.

TRIO at the Four Seasons Hotel
98 San Jacinto Blvd.
(512) 685-8300
Special Features:Fixed-price Texas meal(s)
Special menu featuring Texas food paired with Texas wines