Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Austin Restaurant Week

This is Public Service Announcement about yet ANOTHER Austin Restaurant week. This is officially the 3rd Restaurant Week since July. Not that my stomach is complaining all that loudly, but all these Austin organizations should seriously consider combining their resources to create one SUPER Restaurant Week. Its hard to keep track of all these! As far as I can tell, this one does not benefit charity and costs a little more than the other ones. But, being a huge fan of prix fixe menus, I'm always excited when a restaurant, or even better, a group of restaurants, offers them.

This group of restaurants seems a little better than the last two Restaurant weeks:

Imperia (If you don't mind the hipster scene)
Paggi House (Which is apparently open again)
Roaring Fork (Who has a great Happy Hour btw)
Roy's (Who already has an excellent prix fixe menu)
Just to name a few. The deal is that you call these restaurants and reserve a table, telling them its for Restaurant Week. Then you show up and they serve you a fabulous prix fixe menu for either $25 or $35 (depending on the restaurant). How can you lose?