Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cousin Leroy's BBQ Sauce

Folks, this is Cousin Leroy:

He is a local BBQ sauce purvey. I first met him at The Gibson Bar a few months ago. He was a kind-looking man sitting at the bar holding a few jars of BBQ sauce. Now, I'm not going to lie, when I saw a strong, black man sitting at a bar, holding BBQ sauce, I'm going to go up and talk to him. He proceeded to tell me all about his BBQ sauce business.

Cousin Leroy is the proud owner of a Cousin Leroy's BBQ Sauce, a saucery that makes 5 different kinds of BBQ sauce: A mild, a sweet, a spicy, a hot-spicy, and a mustard sauce. He's been making the sauces for over 30 years, and recently decided to bottle it and try selling it to local restaurants.

Turns out his mustard mop is what The Gibson Bar is using for they honey mustard dipping sauce. It was incredibly strong. If you like mustard, you're going to LOVE Cousin Leroy's Mustard Mop.

Cousin Leroy was so kind to give me a sample of the Mild BBQ Sauce. I used it a few weeks ago to make pulled pork. I threw a 1/2 a jar of it into a crock pot with a pork shoulder (a boston butt works too), a sliced onion, and some beef broth (or root beer if you've got it) to cover the roast. I cooked it for 8 hours,shredded the pork, and covered it with the remaining 1/2 jar of sauce. Bam, you have amazing pulled pork.

I made it for my friend Jen's birthday float down the Comal. You've gotta have sammiches while you float, and what better sammich to each while your floating than a delicious pulled pork sammich. Everyone raved about them and none were left at the end of the float.

Great sauce Cousin Leroy!