Tuesday, March 10, 2009

La Dee Dah - Treat

1207 S. 1st
Austin, TX 78704
(646) 515-5232

Oh, I feel like there is so much to write about, my fellow foodies, and not enough hours in the day - particularly after losing one to DST. Damn you Daylight Savings!!! There was the date with Bachelor #7 where we went to El Chilto then saw the Warpstar Sexy Squad at some east Austin indie theater. Tacos, sci fi, drinking, kitsch. Yes please! Then there was the appalling Restaurant Week dinner Lee and I had at Paggi House (where apparently we weren't the only ones). I still plan on writing a more in depth review of that experience just because I was so indignantly horrified by the service. 

However, in the last few weeks, something has come up.. Something so large that I simply can't avoid it. Something so incredibly mind blowing, that I spend, literally, 8 hours a day preparing for it. And that, my friends, is SXSW. I've been spending every waking moment of the last 3 weeks listening to SXSW artists, reading SXSW blogs, surfing for fun SXSW parties. Pretty much planning out, in 15 minute increments, how I will spend all of next week. I'm a process engineer, would you expect anything less? This, shall we say obsession, has not left me alot of spare time to write about the various and sundry dining experiences I've had lately, and for that you have to accept my apology. I did, however, make a New Years resolution to write more short reviews of places I visit. Not the in depth juicy pieces of internet fluff you've all come to know and love, but real get-to-the-heart-of-the-matter reviews. So here's the first:

Laura, Lee and I found ourselves at the Austin Trailer park this evening. I don't know if any of y'all have been yet, but its awesome! A few of the local trailer eateries have gotten together, thrown up a bunch of picnic tables and called themselves an eatery. There's a Torchy's and a Shuggie's, but I have to admit, when I go I always eat at Torchy's. Sorry Shuggie's, but eating a Democrat taco is like a religious experience in my book. But tonight we found ourselves looking at a new trailer, Treat. Or is it La Dee Dah.  I couldn't really tell. And even after looking at the website, I STILL can't tell. I believe they used to be farther down the road on 1st, but I hadn't had a chance to visit them yet. I'm glad they moved into one of my favorite South Austin haunts so I could  have a chance to try them.

But I'm not so sure I'm glad they did. I was REALLY excited when I saw they had "Designer Smores." I love smores. They're the one part of camping I actually like. I mean who really wants to forego bathing to sleep on the ground. Not me. So I hurriedly finished my taco so I could try out some delicious "designer smores. 

Now some of you long time readers may remember my first foray into restaurant smores. There was alot of fire, smoke, and pimply faced teenagers. This time wasn't nearly so traumatic. We got to pick 3 flavors of designer marshmallow (though the website says 4, LIES), that were placed in a cute white Chinese take-out box with a bag of graham crackers and a Hershey's bar. They even remembered to include the coveted marshmallow roasting sticks that Cosi forgot. But the marshmallows were kind of disappointing. 1)  there was only 3 of them, and they weren't particularly large. But Laura and I wanted to try all the flavors, so I ripped them all in half. But it made my fingers all sticky. Ew. 2) Apparently "designer marshmallow" means "melts easily and falls into the fire marshmallow" 3) they were kind of chalky. The chocomint flavor was downright toothpaste tasting. The butterscotch was pretty tasty, and I didn't even get to taste the vanilla because it melted off my stick into the fire. Epic Fail!

But the evening was incredibly lovely, and it was wonderful to sit outside with my peeps in Adirondacks, around a (gas) fire, roasting some marshmallows. You could almost ignore the traffic speeding down S. 1st. 

Bottom Line: Don't go out of your way for the desserts but enjoy the Austin Trailer Park Eatery 

Mariah - 6