Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feed the World

So we here at Dining in Austin Blog want to make the world a better place. We understand that at its core, our blog is rather snobby and elitist. We in Austin have so much variety and excess that we can turn up our noses at bad food. I have the fortunate opportunity to be able to write snarky reviews about crappy restaurants. But really we are the upper crust of world society. The vast majority of people on this planet can barely eat 1 nutritious meal a day, let alone have the choice of what they want those meals to be. 

So Dining in Austin Blog has decided to invest in the gastronomic future of the world. We want to not only spearhead better eating here in Austin, we want to encourage better eating all over the world. But how do we do that? Two words, micro loans. Now, most of you readers are fairly tech saavy people and have probably heard about the micro loan revolution, but for those of you that haven't, listen up. 

Micro loans allow you, the common every day Texan, to invest in entrepreneurial enterprises in developing nations. You and a collective of other every-day people invest whatever small amount you can in one particular enterprise. When so many people have invested, and have raised the requested loan amount (usually around $1,000), the funds are released to a local bank. The entrepreneur makes small regular repayments on the loan until it is paid off, most paying off the loan early. Sounds awesome doesn't it?

Dining at Austin Blog has decided to sponsor an Entrepreneur in Ghana named Joyce Cobbolo. She is an independent businesswoman who is trying to expand her grocery store. She currently sells sugar, rice biscuits, and canned goods in her village's grocery store and would like a small loan to buy a larger inventory. We have decided to invest in her business and would like the rest of you to invest in other food related businesses. If you've thought at all about exploring micro loans, this is a perfect opportunity to try it out. If you decide to give it a try, post a comment with the business person you've sponsored.

Bottom Line: Make the world a better place to eat $25 at a time.