Monday, February 25, 2008

Changes at Dining in Austin Blog

I just wanted to highlight a couple of changes to the Dining in Austin Blog.

1) We have a domain!! Now you can recommend us to your friends and not have to say that pesky .blogspot anymore. It makes us look so much more official.

2) You can now bookmark us and add us to your RSS reader. Just check out the links sidebar. Adding us to your RSS reader makes it so much easier to read us and know when we've posted new and interesting reviews.

3) We have our own e-mails! E-mail us with new restaurant openings, food events, or places you'd like to see us review.

4) This isn't a change, but more of a request to our readers. Leave us some comments people! We love feedback. If you like a review, let us know. If you think we're full of shit, let us know too (but we'll agree to disagree). Mariah would even go so far as to buy the first commenter to each post a drink (limited time offer, exceptions apply). Just post a comment from time to time..

Mariah & Laura