Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Come and listen to a story 'bout a chick named Mariah
A Fort Worth engineer, living in a Texas 'hood
Then one day she ate a steak that wasn't good
And decided what she needed was to get some better food..

Gourmet that is..  Austin cuisine.. 

For those of you that don't know me, I am Mariah. I'm an over-educated, over-paid engineer who recently relocated to Austin. I had previously been residing in the god-forsaken hellhole to the north known as Ft. Worth. Let me be up front with you guys, Ft. Worth has no notable cuisine to speak of. Sure they grill a mean steak, but so does Saltgrass. After 6 hellish years in the tapas-deprived wasteland of Cowtown, I decided that enough was enough... I needed to gain more weight. I (paid my movers and they) packed my bags and headed to my old stomping ground and the the only bastion of Texas, Austin! 

My quest... should I choose to accept it.. is to eat at every restaurant in town. I've enlisted a large cast of character to help me achieve this epic quest. Most notably, my girlfriend (no, not that kind of girlfriend), Laura. She and I have made a pact to eat at a new restaurant every week. Being the hedonistic gluttons we are, we decided to try the nicest restaurants in town first and work our way down. Well after a couple of $100 credit card receipts in our pocket, we decided to try a larger variety of food purveyor. I'm going to attempt to write about the highlights of each restaurant and what we liked and didn't like. I don't ever keep anything going for very long, so lets see how long this gets updated. 

But enough about me.. Onto the food!!